Fly On In To Angel Fire

Getting to Angel Fire has never been easier. If you own a private plane and are looking for an exciting and easy getaway spot, look no further! You can fly your personal plane straight to the mountains for skiing, hiking and relaxing amidst the beauty of the Sangre de Cristo mountain range. The county-owned Angel Fire Airport (KAXX) can accommodate your private aircraft with ease. In fact, the Angel Fire Airport owns one of the longest runways in the state at 8,900 feet long, making it perfect for almost all planes and pilots of all experience levels. Available to aircrafts of all sizes, it also is the fourth highest elevated airport in the United States! Need to refuel? Aircrafts can be refueled on site with Jet A and 100LL Avgas, available at self service dispensers, or with full service trucks.

Why fly directly to Angel Fire? One of the next closest major metro airports is Albuquerque International, over 150 miles away from town. Fly to Sante Fe and you’ll still have 100 miles of driving to your second home. Fly directly to Angel Fire and you’ll only spend 5-10 minutes in the car! However, if a commercial flight is your best option, you can fly directly to Taos from a big city like Dallas or Austin, leaving a 45 minute drive in the car. 

When flying from Texas and Oklahoma, Angel Fire is up to an hour closer than comparable flights to Colorado, like flying into Aspen or Vail. With shorter travel times, you can spend longer at your actual destination. Did we mention your trip will also be more affordable? Not only is Angel Fire considered one of the most affordable ski towns in the nation, but with less time in the air you’ll be spending less on aviation fuel! Now that’s a win-win. 
Are you ready to air-rive in Angel Fire and call this beautiful town your second home? We’ve got the real estate aspect covered. Give us a call and learn more about what Angel Fire has to offer at 575-216-5834!

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