Preparing to Sell Your Angel Fire Home? Here’s How to Make the Most of Your Listing.

It’s that time of year—the weather’s heating up, and so is the real estate market. As summer approaches, more and more families begin preparing to relocate. In fact, nearly 60% of moves in the U.S. occur from May through August each year. If you’re an Angel Fire homeowner thinking about listing your property, now’s the time to take full advantage of the busy season. How can you make the most of the market and your upcoming sale? RE/MAX Mountain Realty of Angel Fire can help.

Know the Market
Before you list your home, it’s a wise idea to get a feel for the market and what you can expect when it comes to selling your home. Though early 2023 showed a slight decrease in interest rates, they remain high, and experts anticipate they will probably rise a few more times during 2023. Why does this matter to you? Typically, higher interest rates drive up property prices, which can sometimes deter people from purchasing homes. However, an overall national lack of inventory means that buyers are looking for houses, and properties are still selling at historic prices. Sellers are finding that bidding wars and a lack of market supply are driving up their sticker prices, so homes are selling for more than ever before. With the right agency, like the RE/MAX team, you’ll be able to market your home well and high interest rates won’t deter buyers. Instead, you may find you’re able to sell your home for more than you anticipated.

Now that you have an understanding of the current market, it’s time to prepare to list your property. There are a few important things to consider that will help determine how quickly you close a successful sale. 

1. The Sale Is in the Details
Before you put up that for sale sign, you need to determine how much work you’re willing to put into closing a sale. With the help of a RE/MAX Mountain Realty of Angel Fire team member, take a walk through your property and create a list of things that could potentially turn away a prospective buyer. Is there aging carpet in your living area, dingy backsplash in your kitchen or outdated light features in the entryway? Small refurbishments go a long way when it’s time to sell your home for the price you want, especially in this competitive market where many buyers are willing to pay above asking price. One of our agents can talk you through some of the most common and least expensive upgrades that might go a long way when you’re ready to sell.  

2. Listing Price
Prior to the open houses and tours, you’ve got to decide how much you’re going to list your property for. It’s vital that you consider the comps, both in and outside of your neighborhood. If your neighbor’s home of the same square footage and lot size sold for $900,000, that doesn’t necessarily mean yours will sell for that price. If you’ve completed home renovations or have added property value in some way, you may be able to get more than the other homes in your neighborhood. Consider recent homes that sold and are similar to your property, whether in size, remodeling or location, when narrowing down a listing price. As professionals in the Angel Fire market, the RE/MAX Mountain Realty of Angel Fire team can help you analyze your neighborhood, recent comps and your home’s upgrades to solidify a price designed to sell your home. 

3. Marketing Expertise
There may be dozens or more homes on the market within a few miles of your property. Can your home stand out online and entice people to come take a tour? In order to convert browsers to buyers, you need marketing expertise. Professional photos, video tours, social media listings and more are just some of the benefits of hiring an experienced team to list and prep your home for the best sale possible. No agency is better than RE/MAX Mountain Realty of Angel Fire. 

Ready to sell your home? Allow us to help. With over 150 years of experience, we’re equipped to get you the best possible price for your home. We’re a luxury home expert in the Angel Fire area, selling almost twice as many luxury homes as any other Angel Fire brokerage in 2023.

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