10 Reasons to Live in the Mountains

  1. You’re able to sit on your deck, drink coffee and take in the views and beauty of the valley.
  2. Enjoy the wildlife from the solitude of your own home.
  3. No traffic. No Smog.
  4. For the exercise buff – we have plenty of outdoor options to burn your daily calories. Hiking, running, walking, biking
  5. For the love of Golf. Hitting your golf ball at this high-altitude will make you look and feel like a superstar. The golf balls fly higher and farther up here.
  6. Plethora of winter activities. Take the kids sledding, go downhill skiing or hit the Nordic Skiing area. (we also have tubing hill, snowmobiling, snowshoe hiking…)
  7. The night sky. At this altitude you can see the stars clearer from up here. 
  8. How about a drive with a foot of snow in the valley on a full moon night? It lights up the sky and gives you a beautiful view you’ll never see in a city.
  9. Our mountain town is Angel Fire Resort. It sits at the base of 1.5 million acres of the Carson National Forest offering something for everyone. (Hunting, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, golf, etc.)
  10. Angel Fire is an undiscovered gem in the Rocky Mountains.

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