Diversify Your Portfolio in Angel Fire & Northern New Mexico

Real estate investing has become increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. In the Enchanted Circle specifically, the advantages of owning property are clear. With proximity to major metropolitan areas, lower cost of living compared to other major ski destinations and year-round activities for visitors and locals alike, it’s time for you to invest in northern New Mexico.

Diversify in Angel Fire

Angel Fire is a clear choice for your next investment opportunity. Compare the city to other popular ski towns, like Aspen or Vail, and the cost of living and housing is far less expensive. If you’re purchasing property in Angel Fire for short-term rentals, there’s a larger group willing and able to travel to the ski town because of its affordability. Plus, Angel Fire is within a day’s driving distance from several major cities including Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, Albuquerque and Phoenix. You’re sure to draw in a crowd looking to avoid costly airfare. 

With an abundant list of activities in the valley both in the summer and winter, loyal tourists flock to the city year after year for their favorite Angel Fire events. Thousands of tourists migrate into Angel Fire each weekend in the winter to hit the slopes, and they all need a place to stay. It’s not just skiing and snowboarding that are a huge Angel Fire hit. People love the mountain village for all the winter activities that lend to days of fun. For the ski novices not yet comfortable with a whole day on the ski runs, the Angel Fire Resort’s tubing hill is a go-to family-friendly activity. For laid-back tourists looking to take in the beauty of the mountains, snowshoeing and sleigh rides are the ideal choice.  

Your source of income is sure to stay hot in the summer months in the mountains. Fishing, swimming, hiking, biking and so much more bring in families on summer vacation. Angel Fire is a hole-in-one for golf lovers looking for a new adventure. The Angel Fire Resort Country Club and its 18-hole course take players through cedar and aspen-lined fairways that can’t be beat. For beginner golfers, the resort offers PGA professional coaching to boost your confidence on the green. 

With the myriad of activities for tourists year-round, your rental property may never have a vacant night!

Invest in the Enchanted Circle

Beyond the city of Angel Fire, other mountain towns could be housing your next investment opportunity. These destinations are equally as affordable and driveable as Angel Fire. Looking to purchase property you can use as a second home? For art and history enthusiasts, Taos is the perfect place to explore the Native American roots of northern New Mexico and peruse the art hub that is downtown. A property here would be perfect for the vacationing couple looking for weekend getaways connecting to the region’s history. Families dreaming of making off-the-grid memories might just jump at a chance to own Red River property, located north of Angel Fire and just over 35 miles from Taos. With higher value than other out-of-state ski towns and a straightforward commute from many metropolitan areas, it’s simple to load up the car and take the kids to your second home in Red River for the week. For a more private, yet still easily accessible vacation, some love Eagle Nest, just a short drive up the highway from Angel Fire and still within a 20-minute trip to the Angel Fire Resort. These mountain towns are growing, so invest in the market now. 

Expanding your portfolio doesn’t have to be complicated. Our talented agents have decades of experience in the Enchanted Circle and know exactly what tourists and renters alike are looking for in a property when they come to town. We’ll help you achieve your goals and start your journey in real estate investing. Give us a call today to learn more about our agency and let us know how we can serve you. 

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