Montee Sue Miller


  • Service Areas: Angel Fire, New Mexico
  • Specialties: e-Pro, RSPS

About Montee Sue Miller

A Guymon, Oklahoma girl, Montee Sue bought a vacation home in Angel Fire in 2001 and ended up moving to the mountains forever! The sign over her desk reads, “Just Another Day in Paradise.” She lives it and believes everyone should invest in Angel Fire.

Coming from a background in teaching, interior design and sales, she is definitely the encouraging, can-do person. She has been married to Marshall for 53 years, so she is big-time on commitment both to her family and to her clients.

Having bought and sold real estate as investment property for over 40 years, she has the sales experience to find your dream home and make the deal work for you. She says, “Investing in a vacation home in Angel Fire is way more fun than investing in stocks and bonds and mutual funds! Life is short. Spend your money and playtime making memories.”

Her national award-winning performances each year are a testament to her dedication, knowledge, commitment and drive to being the best in her field.

  • 2022 Platinum Club
  • 2021 7th Place Commissions Earned Individual for the state of NM.
  • 2021 Chairmans’ Club
  • 2020 Platinum Club
  • 2019 100% Club
  • 2018 100% Club
  • 2017 Platinum Club
  • REMAX Platinum Club 2016
  • REMAX Executive Club 2015
  • REMAX 100% club 2014
  • #1 Re/Max Realtor in New Mexico for Nov. 2014
  • Resort and Second Home Property Specialist Certification 2014
  • Re/Max 100% Club Award 2013
  • Re/Max Executive Club 2013
  • Resort and Second Home Property Specialist
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Language: English

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