Amy Oliver


About Amy Oliver

Amy’s journey has taken her from the fast-paced world of financial technology to the serene beauty of the mountains. Fueled by a desire for a more fulfilling lifestyle, Amy and her husband Larry made the decision to leave the hustle and bustle of Denver, Colorado and embark on a new adventure in the mountains of northern New Mexico. Now, as a budding real estate broker, Amy applies both business acumen and a love of mountain living to help others find their own slice of nature’s grandeur. 

Amy brings her clients a unique blend of financial expertise, negotiation skills, and an intimate understanding of the mountain lifestyle. Her goal is not just to facilitate transactions but to be a guide for those seeking to embrace a life exploring alpine hiking trails, gliding down a snow-laden ski slope, casting a line into a crystal-clear mountain stream, and simply breathing in our fresh mountain air. Let Amy help you find your own piece of paradise here in the Land of Enchantment.  

Language: English

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